Rechtsanwältin und Notarin

Nicole Stütelberg

Fachanwältin für Strafrecht

Langenstraße 36
28195 Bremen


Attorney at Law

Notary Public

Certified Specialist for Criminal Law


Telefon: +49 421 3345666

Mitglied des Vorstandes

Listed as attorney and notary public by the Embassy of the United States of America Berlin and the Consulate General in Frankfurt am Main.

Listed as attorney and notary public by the Embassy of Canada Berlin.

Mitglied der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Strafrecht des DAV und Mitglied der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Anwalts-notariat im DAV

Mitglied der Deutschen Notarrecht-lichen Vereinigung e.V.

Real Estate Law

Daily practice of a notary public is real estate law. I provide a safe handling of your real estate matters - from the initial consultation to the completion in the land register. Real estate law includes not only the purchase and sale of a single or multi-family house, a condo or an object, yet to be built by a property developer. Rather, as a  notary public I am also naturally concerned with the division of a house into home ownership, division and depreciation of patches of land as well as the grounds and sale of heriditary building rights (Erbbaurechte). Finally, I support you with the encumbering of land with mortgages and land charges, easements, rights of residence and usufruct. So that buyers and sellers are properly advised on such an important contract and to avoid risks, the legislature has provided for the involvement of a notry public. I provide for for a legally balanced design of the concerned drafts based on the specifications of the parties, obtain the necessary documents for the execution of the deed, certifiy the maturity of the purchase price and finally monitor the change of title in the land register. In cases with a special security need this comprehensive assistance is rounded off by a safeceeping of the purchase price through escrow account.

Land charge (Grundschuld)

Prior to the notarization of a real property sale and purchase agreement, the financing of the purchase price should stand. It is the usual case, that the purchaser requires a loan from a bank or a building society. These institutions usually demand, that the purchased or another property is encumbered by way of notarial deed as collateral. The most customary encumbrance is the land charge (Grundschuld). Less common is a mortgage (Hypothek). Furthermore the creditors demand, that the notarial deed contains a consent of the debtor to immediate enforcement proceedings.

In this aforementioned aspect of financing, I support you through notarization of the necessary declarations and execution thereof in the land register. It is also my task to ensure, that the safety requirements of the creditors are met prior to the point of time, when the purchase price becomes due. In so doing I can ensure, that the buyer does not come in default with his obligation to pay the purchase price. Therefore, it is ideal if the financing details have been clarified before signing the sale and purchase agreement. Thus, a combined notarization of sale and purchase agreement and land charge within one notary appointment can be ensured.

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